500+ General Knowledge about Pakistan (Repeated MCQs) pdf

The term general knowledge is very vast in meaning. It is known as the information about the things that are generally all over the world. You can say it is general information. But in this section, I will share with you the most repeated general knowledge about Pakistan MCQs with the pdf file which you can easily download. General knowledge questions about Pakistan is a very interesting topic from a study point of view. As Pakistani, we should have basic knowledge about Pakistan.

General knowledge questions and answers about Pakistan are a very important topic for any competitive exams in Pakistan. If you are applying for any government job for clerk level to CSS exam you should prepare about Pakistan history, religious and political matters. Here you can find the most repeated general knowledge MCQs which is the collection of previous 2005 to 2021 past papers. You can also download its pdf file for free.

General Knowledge About Pakistan

General Knowledge about Pakistan
General Knowledge about Pakistan

Important General Knowledge Questions 

General Knowledge:
Q.1 What is the total number of Districts in Pakistan?
Ans. 154

Q.2 The total number of districts in Punjab is?
Ans. 36

Q.3 The total number of Districts in KP is? 
Ans. 35 

Q.4 Which is the Oldest Cantonment of Pakistan?
Ans. Kohat

Q.5 On which river did India Construct Wuller Barrage?
Ans. Jhelum

Q.6 Name the Commander in Chief who was also the defense minister in civil Govt?
Ans. Ayub

Q.7 Who was the 2nd Martial Law Administrator?
Ans. Yahya Khan

Q.8 Name the Smallest Division of KP?
Ans. Torghar

Q.9 Jinnah Of Pakistan was written by?
Ans. Stanley Wolpert

Q.10 Shalimar Garden was built by?
Ans. Shah Jehan.

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Q.11 Where is the tomb of Iqbal located?
Ans. Near Badshahi Masjid

Q.12 Gadani Beach is located in which province?
Ans. Baluchistan

Q.13 Which country does Karakoram Highway connect Pak with?
Ans. China

Q.14 Name the smallest state by area?
Ans. Malta

Q.15 Which gas do the plants exhale at night time?
Ans. CO2

Q.16 Distance from the North and the South equator is called?
Ans. Latitude
Q.17 Between which two countries has Eastern Meditation Island cypress been divided?
Ans. Greece and Turkey

Q.18 Reuters is the news agency of?
Ans. UK

Q.19 What does www stand for?
Ans. World wide web

Q. 20 Most urbanized province of Pakistan? ( general knowledge about Pakistan )
Ans. Sindh

Q.21 Black Gold is the name of?
Ans. Oil

Q.22. Which is the coldest area in the world?
Ans. Siberia

Q.23. Capital of Azad Jammu Kashmir?
Ans. Muzaffarabad

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