500+ General Knowledge about Pakistan (Repeated MCQs) pdf

First in Pakistan.

Q.1 Who was the First Governor of State Bank? Zahid

Q.2 Who was the First female-Governor? Rana Liaquat Ali (Sindh)
Q.3 Name the first female federal minister? Vikarun Nisa Noor
Q.4 Name the first State to join Pakistan? Bahawul Pur,
Q.5 Who was the first Captain of the cricket team? Abdul Hafeez
Q.6 Who made the first Century against India? Nazar Mohammed against India in
1954 in Lucknow.
Q.7 Where is the first Woman University located? in

Q.8 Name the first PM of Azad Kashmir? Abdul Hamid Khan. 

Q.9 Name the first President of AJK? Sardar Ibrahim Khan.
Q.10 Who was the first chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee? General Mohammad Sharif.
Q.11 Who was the first chief of Staff of the Armed forces?
General Tikka Khan.
Q.12 Name the first Daily Newspaper? Amroz 1947.
Q.13 Name the First female pilot? Shukriya Khanum.
Q.14 Where and when was the First Museum of Pak established? Karachi, in

Q.15 Name the first Bank? United Bank (7th August,
Q.16 Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of Pak? Mr.
Khan F.M.Khan (25th March 1956)
Q.17 Who was the First Muslim Commander in Chief of Pak?
Ayub Khan.
Q.18 Where was the first Radio Station established?
Q.19 Where was the First T.V station set up? in Lahore on Nov
26, 1964.
Q.20 Name the first female Major General in Pak? Dr.
Shahida Malik.
Q.21 Name the first private TV Channel? STN launched in
Q.22 Who was the first Chairman Senate? Habibullah Khan.
Q.23 Which one is the first constructed barrage of Pak? Sukkur
Q.24 Who was the first Secretary-General of Pak? Ch Mohammad
Q.25 Where is the Agro museum? at Lailpur.
Q.26 When was the Badshahi mosque built? in 1670 A.D.
Q.27 When was the designation of GG changed into President? on
23rd March 1956.

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