500+ General Knowledge about Pakistan (Repeated MCQs) pdf

General Knowledge about Pakistan:

Q.26  What is the total area of Sindh in sq. km? 140914
Q.27  What is the total area of Balochistan in sq. km? 347192
Q.28  What is is the total length of the coastline of
Pakistan? 700 km
Q.29 Which province has the longest coastline among all provinces of Pakistan? Balochistan
Q.30 What is the total length of the coastline of Sindh? 200 miles
Q.31 Name the largest seaport in Pakistan? Karachi
Q.32 Which is the longest tunnel in Pakistan? Khojab
Q.33 What is the origin of the Lower Bari Doab canal? Jhelum
Q.34 What is the origin of the Upper Bari Doat canal? Chenab
Q.35 How many rivers flow in Punjab? 5
Q.36 How many rivers flow in KPK? 8 

Q.37 How many rivers flow in Balochistan? 12
Q.38 Which river flows in Balochistan?Bolan
Q.39 Which river flows in Sindh? Hub
Q.40 Tarbela Dam is built on which river? Indus
Q.41 On which river is Mangla Dam built? on the river Jhelum
Q.42 Which is the area with the highest rainfall? Murree
Q.43 Name the area of highest snowfall? Skardu
Q.44 What is the total height of Tarbela Dam? 500 ft
Q.45 What is the total length of the Terbela Dam? 6000 ft
Q.46 What is the origin of Jinnah Baraj? Sindh, located
near Kalabagh
Q.47 Which is the largest desert of Pakistan? Thar
Q.48 Sindh Sagar is between the rivers of? Indus and
Q.49 Where is Ganji Bar located? between Ravi and Sutlej

Q.50 How many Barrages are made on the Indus River? 8
Q.51 Where did Pakistan open its first embassy? in Iran.
Q.52 Which country was the first to open its embassy in Pakistan? Egypt.

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