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Now, with the Quran online, you can easily access this sacred text from the comfort of your own home. Our website offers a range of resources and tools to help you study and understand the Quran, including translations, commentaries, and audio recordings.

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Quran Reading gives you peace of mind & heart. It is not only a religious book but Quran Sharif is a complete code of life that helps us in all spheres of life. Quran Pak reveals the reality of mankind and the relation between the creator and the creation. The Quran Book is the central religious text of Islam and the revelation from Almighty Allah. 

وَ لَقَدْ یَسَّرْنَا الْقُرْاٰنَ لِلذِّكْرِ فَهَلْ مِنْ مُّدَّكِرٍ.

And certainly, We have made the Quran easy to remember, is there anyone who will remember it?

Quran Surah List

It has 114 chapters which are called surah. These surahs consist of Ayaat. The Quran Kareem has considerably impacted the people who read it. It has been revealed in the Arabic language.

Surah NameArabicMeaningOrderPlaceTotal
1Al-FatihahالفاتحةThe Opening5🕋7
2Al-BaqarahاﻟﺒﻘﺮﺓThe Cow87🕌286
3Aale-Imranاۤل عمرانThe Family Of Imran89🕌200
4An-NisaاﻟﻨﺴﺄThe Women92🕌176
5Al-MaidahالمائدةThe Table112🕌120
6Al-AnamالأنعامThe Cattle55🕋165
7Al-ArafالأعرافThe Heights39🕋206
8Al-AnfalالأنفالThe Spoils Of War88🕌75
9At-TawbahالتوبةThe Repentance113🕌129
13Ar-RadالرعدThe Thunder96🕌43
15Al-HijrالحجرThe Rocky Tract54🕋99
16An-NahlالنحلThe Bees70🕋128
17Al-IsraالإسرﺃThe Night Journey50🕋111
18Al-KahfالكهفThe Cave69🕋110
21Al-AnbiyaاﻷﻧﺒﻴﺄThe Prophets73🕋112
22Al-HajjالحجThe Pilgrimage103🕌78
23Al-MuminunالمؤمنونThe Believers74🕋118
24An-NurالنورThe Light102🕌64
25Al-FurqanالفرقانThe Criterion42🕋77
26Ash-ShuaraالشعرﺃThe Poets47🕋227
27An-NamlالنملThe Ants48🕋93
28Al-QasasالقصصThe Stories49🕋88
29Al-AnkabutالعنكبوتThe Spider85🕋85
30Ar-RumالرومThe Romans84🕋60
32As-SajdahالسجدةThe Prostration75🕋30
33Al-AhzabالأحزابThe Combined Forces90🕌73
34SabaﺳﺒﺄThe Sabeans58🕋54
35FatirالفاطرThe Originator43🕋45
37As-SaffatالصافاتThose Ranges In Ranks56🕋182
39Az-ZumarالزمرThe Groups59🕋75
40Al-GhafirغافرThe Forgiver60🕋85
42Ash-ShuraالشورىThe Consultation62🕋53
43Az-ZukhrufالزخرفThe Gold63🕋89
44Ad-DukhanالدخانThe Smoke64🕋59
45Al-JathiyahالجاثيةThe Kneeling65🕋37
46Al-AhqafالأحقافThe Valley66🕋35
48Al-FathالفتحThe Victory111🕌29
49Al-HujuratالحجراتThe Dwellings106🕌18
51Adh-DhariyatالذارياتThe Scatterers67🕋60
52At-TurالطورThe Mount76🕋49
53An-NajmالنجمThe Star23🕋62
54Al-QamarالقمرThe Moon37🕋55
55Ar-RahmanالرحمنThe Most Gracious97🕋78
56Al-WaqiahالواقعةThe Event46🕋96
57Al-HadidالحديدThe Iron94🕌29
58Al-MujadilahالمجادلةThe Reasoning105🕌22
59Al-HashrالحشرThe Gathering101🕌24
60Al-MumtahinahالممتحنةThe Tested91🕌13
61As-SafالصفThe Row109🕌14
63Al-MunafiqunالمنافقونThe Hypocrites104🕌11
64At-TaghabunالتغابنThe Loss & Gain108🕌18
65Al-TalaqالطلاقThe Divorce99🕌12
66Al-TahrimالتحريمThe Prohibition107🕌12
67Al-MulkالملكThe Kingdom77🕋30
68Al-QalamالقلمThe Pen2🕋52
69Al-HaqqahالحاقةThe Inevitable78🕋52
70Al-MaarijالمعارجThe Elevated Passages79🕋44
72Al-JinnالجنThe Jinn40🕋28
73Al-MuzzammilالمزملThe Wrapped3🕋20
74Al-MuddaththirالمدثرThe Cloaked4🕋56
75Al-QiyamahالقيامةThe Resurrection31🕋40
76Al-DahrالإنسانThe Human98🕌31
77Al-MursalatالمرسلاتThose Sent Forth33🕋50
78Al-NabaالنبأThe Great News80🕋40
79Al-NaziatالنازعاتThose Who Pull Out81🕋46
80Al-AbasaعبسHe Frowned24🕋42
81Al-TakwirالتكويرThe Overthrowing7🕋29
82Al-InfitarالإنفتارThe Cleaving82🕋19
83Al-MutaffifinالمطففينThose Who Deal In Fraud86🕋36
84Al-InshiqaqاﻹنشقاقThe Splitting Asunder83🕋25
85Al-BurujالبروجThe Stars27🕋22
86Al-TariqالطارقThe Nightcomer36🕋17
87Al-AalaالأعلىThe Most High8🕋19
88Al-GhashiyahالغاشيةThe Overwhelming68🕌26
89Al-FajrالفجرThe Dawn10🕋30
90Al-BaladالبلدThe City35🕋20
91Al-ShamsالشمسThe Sun26🕋15
92Al-LaylالليلThe Night9🕋21
93Al-DuhaالضحىThe Forenoon11🕋11
94Al-InshirahاﻹﻧﺸﺮﺡThe Opening Forth12🕋8
95Al-TinالتينThe Fig28🕋8
96Al-AlaqالعلقThe Clot1🕋19
97Al-QadrالقدرThe Night Of Decree25🕋5
98Al-BayyinahالبينةThe Proof100🕌8
99Al-ZalzalahالزلزلةThe Earthquake93🕋8
100Al-AdiyatالعادياتThe Runners14🕋11
101Al-QariahالقارعةThe Striking Hour30🕋11
102Al-TakathurالتكاثرThe Piling Up16🕋8
103Al-AsrالعصرThe Time13🕋3
104Al-HumazahالهمزةThe Slanderer32🕋9
105Al-FilالفيلThe Elephant19🕋5
107Al-MaunالماعونThe Assistance17🕋7
108Al-KawtharالكوثرThe River Of Abundance15🕋3
109Al-KafirunالكافرونThe Disbelievers18🕋6
110Al-NasrالنصرThe Help114🕌3
111Al-MasadالمسدThe Palm Fiber6🕋5
112Al-IkhlasالإخلاصThe Sincerity22🕋4
113Al-FalaqالفلقThe Daybreak20🕋5

Quran Kareem

Interpretations of the Qurʻan Kareem are the understanding of the scripture of Islam in different languages other than Arabic. The Qurʻan was initially inscribed in the Arabic language. However, it has been interpreted in most of the languages of the world like African, Asian and European languages.

For those who want to learn, the Quran Karim is available online with its proper recitation and translation. If you are away from home and the book/Mushaf is not available for tilawat, you can read it online as all the Surahs and Paras are available in written form as well as audio.

Quran Online

Quran Online

Through online Quran lessons over Skype or any other social media account, you and your children can learn Quran by means of the internet. These classes are held in a virtual classroom where you learn from and discuss with your mentor in real-time.

Quran pdf

Quran PDF is available for download. You can get an online Quran PDF in Arabic script. There are also online translations of the Holy Spirit in various languages. You can read Arabic Quran PDF with interpretations and also download Quran Pak.

If you prefer to read the holy Quran on portable devices like Mobile, tablets or laptops then download Complete Quran in coloured print.

Quran Online MP3 Download

Quran Pak is convenient to download for free on iOS or Android devices. You can search in the bar on the play store, select the app that you want to use and download it. The text comes with the recitation of different imams and qaris.

From the Holy Quran websites, you can download mp3 Quran online, with the most delightful voices of the Holy Quran reciters, to improve your listening as well as recitation.

Quran Reading

Now you have the opportunity of reading and sharing of the Quran online on mobile phones and other devices.

Reading the Quran from an app is a bit different from the Mushaf. One can read online without having performed ablution/ wudu. It is also allowed to take the devices containing Quran apps anywhere. The writing of the Quran online on portable devices is quite diverse from a Mus-haf.

Quran Book

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) continued to have revelations which were later compiled in the form of a book. The Qur’an was first assembled into a book arrangement by the best companion of the Prophet named Abu Bakr( may Allah be pleased with him).

The Quran Kareem was revealed on Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him almost 1400 years back from today. But it was not in the form of a book then as the Arabs had a sharp memory and they relied on their recollection to recollect the Holy Quran.

A lot of people had Hifz or memorised Quran and it was preserved in their powerful memory. But during 632 A.D, a battle took place at Yamamah. In this battle, hundreds of collaborators of the Holy Prophet were martyred. They included those who Hifz Quran.

After the Battle, only a few huffaz were left. Hazrat Umer Bin Khattab became troubled that a fraction of the Holy Quran could be missed if not saved. He conveyed his anxieties to the Caliph of that time; Hazrat Abou Bakar. So they assemble the Holy Quran in the shape of a book.

Quran Sharif

The Quran sharif was revealed by God to the final prophet, Muhammad peace be upon him, through the archangel Gabriel. It took over a duration of almost 23 years to complete the revelation. It begin in the month of Ramadan when Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was 40 years old

Quran Pak

What is Quran Pak?

Quran Pak is the religious scripture of Islam. The Qurʾān was conveyed by the angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in the Arabian towns of Mecca and Medina.

Quran Kareem

One should learn Quran Kareem as soon as possible. It might take less or more time to comprehend the Quran. It depends on your teacher and his learning techniques, as well as your devotion. Learning Quran Online with Urdu translation should be regular.


What is the Quran?

Quran is the religious book of Islam. According to the traditional Islamic teachings, the Quran was conveyed by the angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad in the cities of Arabia named Mecca and Medina.

Who wrote the Quran?

The Quran was revealed by Almighty God to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He communicated the teachings of the Quran gradually from AD 610 to 632. This was the year when he left this mortal world. The evidence denotes that he delivered the content and recorders wrote down what they heard.
The current form of the Quran script is approved by Muslim scholars to be the actual edition assembled by Abu Bakr may Allah be pleased with him who was the closest companion of the prophet.

When was the Quran written?

The Qur’an was initially compiled in the form of a book by the best friend of the Prophet named Abu Bakr Siddique may Allah be pleased with him.
The Quran was conveyed to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him almost 1400 years back from now. But it was not present in the form of a publication then. The Arabs had a strong memory so they relied on their memory to remember or preserve the Holy Quran. 
In 632 A.D., the battle of Yamamah took place. In that battle, hundreds of companions of the Holy Prophet were martyred. They included those who Hifz/ memorised the Quran. 
After the Battle, a few huffaz were left alive. Hazrat Umer Bin Khattab became anxious about the Holy Quran. He communicated his anxieties to the Caliph of that time; Hazrat Abou Bakar Siddique. So they compiled the Holy Quran in the form of a book.

How many pages are there in the Quran?

There is no fixed number of pages as the size of the mushaf/ book may differ but if it is written on A4 pages, the Quran will have 315 pages.

What does the Quran mean?

The Quran is an Islamic religious scripture book. It is the word of God ordained to prophet Muhammad peace be upon him by the archangel Gabriel. It has been written down in the Arabic language.
 The Quran consists of 114 parts of different lengths. These are known as suras. The first sura named Al Fatiha( the opening) is recited as the necessary part of the formal prayer.
These surahs and topics of the Quran describe all factors of human life, encompassing topics of law, public association, and constitution.

How many surahs are there in the Quran?

The surahs are chapters in the religious scripture of Islam, the Quran. There are 114 surahs in the Qur’an. They vary in length. These surahs encompass the revelations received by the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him from Allah (God)

Is Jesus mentioned in the Quran?

Jesus is mentioned approximately 187 times in the Quran. The mention is direct as well as indirect. He has been referred to by different names. The most prominent is al-Masih. Jesus is mentioned 25 times by the name Isa ibn e Maryam.

What is in the Quran?

The Qur’an is a scripture containing prayers, spiritual advice, chronological narrative, and guarantees of Heaven.
It begins with a brief invocation called Fatiha. It is the most widely repeated topic. The Quran is distributed into 114 chapters called suras.

What is the Quran about?

The main theme of the Quran is the monotheism/ oneness of the Almighty. God is defined as living, permanent, omniscient and omnipotent. God’s omnipotence occurs above all in his strength to create.
The religious responsibilities of all Muslims are divided into the Five Pillars of Islam. These are:
Belief in God and his Prophet
Obligations of prayer
 The basic theory of Islam is its law, which encompasses the entire manner of life sanctioned by God.

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