Most Repeated Computer MCQs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS.

This article brings a bunch of knowledge for the valued readers in the form of the most repeated computer MCQs for ppsc, fpsc, nts. This will prove to be helpful for the aspirants as it clarifies a lot of things about ms excel, ms word, email etc.

Computer Science is a subject of great value in the present era. Those who appear in the CSS or PPSC kind of exams know better that it is a hard nut to crack to find out this type of information that is relevant to the questions asked in such examination.

So avail the opportunity and go through all this general knowledge and tell your friends too.

Computer MCQs
Most Repeated Computer MCQs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS.

Most Repeated Computer MCQs

Q.1 Which of the following is not a programing language?

  1. BASIC
  3. LASER

Q.2 The technical term is not related to computer systems.

  1. Virus
  2. Winchester Disk
  3. Mouse
  4. FIFO System

Q.3 ‘Foxpro’ is

  1. A medicine
  2. A disease
  3. A computer language
  4. An animal

Q.4 Supercomputer was invented by ( computer MCQs )

  1. J. H. Van Tassel
  2. J. C. Perier
  3. W. L. Judson
  4. A. J. Garnerin

Q.5 Which of the following term is not associated with computers?

  1. Frank land reaction
  2. Data base
  3. Binary
  4. Window

Q.6 The special file of DOS are

  1. COM
  2. EXE
  3. BATCH
  4. All of these

Q.7 “Binary Codes” as used in computer sciences are codes made up of which of the following two numbers?

  1. 0 And 9
  2. 1 And 3
  3. 0 And 1
  4. 9 And 1

Q.8 Bill Gates is more well-known as

  1. The CEO of Apple Macintosh
  2. The CEO of IBM
  3. The Owner of Microsoft Corporation
  4. The inventor of the personal computer

Q.9 Which of the following is the unit to express the memory of a computer?

  1. Compiler
  2. Bus
  3. Byte
  4. Clone

Q.10 Which one of the following characteristics is absent in a computer, however sophisticated it may be?

  1. High speed
  2. Intelligence
  3. Accuracy
  4. Perfect Memory

Q.11 FORTRAN, a computer programing language is mainly used for

  1. Business Applications
  2. Scientific Research
  3. Word programming
  4. Tabulation

Q.12 Which was the first company in the world to manufacture computers for commercial use? 

  1. Remington Rand
  2. IBM
  3. Hewlett-Packard
  4. Apple computers

Q.13 Which of the following computers was the first to use the concept of stored programs?

  1. Mark l
  2. ENIAC
  3. EDSAC
  4. UNIVAC-l

Q.14 Which company was first to distribute mouse as a standard component with personal computers? ( computer MCQs )

  1. Apple Computer
  2. IBM
  3. HP
  4. Compaq

Q.15 Which Intel microprocessor started the PC revolution?

  1. 4004
  2. 8008
  3. 8086
  4. 8088

Q.16 Intel is the largest manufacturer of microprocessors. What does the name “Intel” stand for

  1. International Electricals
  2. International Electronic
  3. Integrated Electronics
  4. Integrated Electricals

Q.17 To date how many generations of computers have been developed?

  1. 3
  2. 4
  3. 5
  4. 6

Q.18 A single worksheet contains ( computer MCQs )

  1. 65536 columns
  2. 256 columns
  3. 2365 rows
  4. None

Q.19 PC was originally a trading name of

  1. IBM
  2. Apple computers
  3. Hewlett-Packard
  4. Remington Rand

Q.20 GW-BASIC is one of the earlier versions of BASIC. What does GW stand for?

  1. Gates, William
  2. Great work
  3. Good word processer
  4. Gee Whiz

Q.21 The power of a supercomputer is measured in terms of:

  1. MIPS (Million Instructions per second)
  2. BIPS (Billion …………. )
  3. TIPS (Trillion ………… )
  4. FLOPS (Floating point Operations per second)

Q.22 Which was the first truly electronic computer?

  1. ENIAC
  3. IBM
  4. EDSAC

Q.23 Who created World Wide Web (WWW)?

  1. Ward Christensen
  2. Mercian Hoff
  3. Tim Berber
  4. Robert Noyce

Q.24 A hard disk becomes totally inaccessible when a computer virus corrupts its:

  1. Partition table
  2. File Allocation table
  3. Route directory
  4. Boot sector

Q.25 Which is the name of the processer who coined the name virus for self-replicating programs?

  1. John von Neumann
  2. Ken Thompson
  3. John Mcafee
  4. Fred Cohen

Q.26 Microprocessors were introduced first time in ( computer MCQs )

a) 2nd generation computers

  • 3rd generation computers
  • 5th generation computers
  • 4th generation computers

Q.27 Our personal computers belongs to

a) 2nd generation computers

  • 3rd generation computers
  • 4th generation computers
  • None of these

Q.28 Optical device was used in which of the following computers for the first time.

a) 2nd generation computers

  • 3rd generation computers
  • Microcomputers generations
  • No Computer generation as yet

Q.29 Hybrid computer is ( computer MCQs )

a) An analogue computer

  • A digital computer
  • Pascal calculator
  • Combination of analog and digital computer

Q.30 The interface between user and computer is

a) Programming

  • Hardware
  • Memory
  • Microprocessor

Q.31 The input for a compiler is

a) Object code

  • Source program
  • Machine language
  • Assembler

Q.32 The output for a compiler is ( computer MCQs )

a) Object code

  • Source program
  • Machine language
  • Assembler

Q.33 The input of an interpreter is

a) Object code

  • Source program
  • Machine language
  • Program statement

Q.34 A bus with 32 data lines can transport how many bits at a time

  1. 8
  2. 16
  3. 1024
  4. 32

Q.35 A group of parallel wires which provides an electrical path between CPU, memory and other devices is called

  1. Processing
  2. Input devices
  3. BUS
  4. Software

Q.36 The link between I/O devices and the system board is provided by

  1. Main memory
  2. Secondary memory
  3. Port
  4. Communication software

Q.37 The peripheral devices used to get information for the computer are called

  1. Simple devices
  2. Hardware devices
  3. Output devices
  4. Digital devices

Q.38 WORM stands for

a) Write once read many

  • Writable on ROM
  • Writer of Random
  • Writer of Read only Memory

Q.39 Which one of the following is referred to as “volatile memory”?

  1. Read only memory
  2. Random access memory
  3. Flash memory
  4. Cache memory

Q.40 The surface of a hard disk is logically divided into

a) Firmware

  • SIMMs
  • Physically marking tracks
  • Pie- shaped sectors

Q.41 The capacity of a hard disk depends upon the

a) High-speed motor

  • Movement of read/write head
  • Complexity of software
  • Number of disk platters stacked

Q.42 The Involution law says that double complementation has

  1. Positive effort
  2. Absorption effort
  3. Addition effort
  4. Cancellation effort

Q.43 Which software controls basic I/O devices?

a) Device driver

  •  Anti-virus tool kit
  • Business Software
  • Operating system

Q.44 Which of the following information is not given by DIR command?

  1. Date of the file
  2. Time of the file
  3. Path of the file
  4. Data of the file

Q.45 CLS command has which of the following parameters.

  1. [path]
  2. [file name]
  3. [file name, ext, path]
  4. None of these

Q.46 The easiest file management model is

a) Window explorer

  • My Briefcase
  • My computer
  • Your computer

Q.47 The input for analysis are ( computer MCQs )

      a) Coding

  • Design
  • Algorithm
  • Program requirement and specifications

Q.48 An Algorithm is

a) Generic type

  • Language type
  • For analysis
  • None of these

Q.49 Which of the following option does not require the selection of the text:

  1. Paragraph formatting
  2. Spell check
  3. Text formatting
  4. Coloring the text

Q.50 Which of the following layout doesn’t display the footer and header?

  1. Page layout
  2. Print layout
  3. Web layout
  4. Normal

( computer MCQs )

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