Download AIOU Solved Assignment Spring 2023 Pdf

AIOU solved assignment Spring 2023 has been submitted for the convenience of AIOU students.  The students who were disturbed due to their assignments should stop worrying.

Download AIOU Solved Assignment

The platform has come up with detailed and authentic aiou studio 9 solved assignment 2023 of the session associated with your level of course.

With the help of these solved assignments, you will be able to get the best possible direction to attain good grades. All of the assignments are in PDF format. Read them carefully to solve your own assignment accordingly.

AIOU-solved assignments are literally the tasks on which a student is assessed. A Questionnaire is always given by AIOU and the students are asked to solve it according to their potential.

AIOU Solved Assignment Matric to MA Level

Being a student of AIOU you are liable for your grades because if you solve and submit proper assignments you will get maximum marks.

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What are AIOU question assignments?

AIOU solved assignment Spring 2023 in the document format pdf file. In these assignments, the tutor or your teacher gives questions from the syllabus given to you. You are liable to solve these by yourself or in case of some difficulty in solving, you can get some help from this platform. After completing it, you submit it.

Your tutor checks and gives you marks. We have given nearly all level subjects solved assignments. You can get them on our website.

AIOU solved the assignment Autumn 2022

#Program (Spring 2023)Last Date
01.Matric (General Group, Dar-e-Nizami)18-08-2023
02.Intermediate (F.A/I.Com)18-08-2023
03.BA General / BCOM (Renamed Associate Degree)  29-09-2023
04.ADB + ADC (Associate Degree Programs)29-09-2023
05.B. ED (1.5 Year), (2.5 Year), (4 Year) + ADE15-09-2023
#BS & BED Programs (4 Years), (2.5 Years) (ODL)Last Date
01BS Accounting & Finance29-09-2023
02BS Economics29-09-2023
03BS English29-09-2023
04BS Gender & Women Studies 29-09-2023
05BS History29-09-2023
06BS Islamic Studies29-09-2023
07BS Library & Information Sciences  29-09-2023
08BS Mass Communication29-09-2023
09BS Pakistan Studies29-09-2023
10BS Sociology29-09-2023
11BS Urdu29-09-2023
#Master ProgramLast Date
01.MA History29-09-2023
02.MLIS (Library & Information Science)29-09-2023
03.MA Urdu29-09-2023
04.MA Islamic Studies29-09-2023
05.MSC Administrative Science29-09-2023
06.MA Education + MED29-09-2023
07.MSC Pakistan Studies29-09-2023
08.MSC Sociology29-09-2023
09.MSC Economics29-09-2023
10.MSC Mass Communication29-09-2023
11.MSC Gender & Women Studies29-09-2023

How to download AIOU question assignments?

To access and download AIOU-solved assignments, read this article and follow the steps properly.

Step 1: Go to the official page of Allama Iqbal University’s official website. The link is provided here:

Step 2: Now select the level of your course to get access to the assignment.

Step 3:There is a downloading option. You can effortlessly download from there.

All subject assignments are available with their titles, last date of improvement, and course codes.

Now the question arises of how to write AIOU assignments.

AIOU assignments are not difficult to write. If you are an enthusiastic student, you can certainly solve them easily. Here are some techniques to write Allama Iqbal Open university’s assignments.

You just need to open your books on the particular subject of the assignment, find the answers and solve them on paper. If you find any difficulty, you can open the solved samples and get an idea from there.

Now, take the pictures on that paper.

Simply scan that image with any scanning application from the play store. For instance, you can use the CamScanner with the help of your mobile camera.

Finally, you are ready to upload it on the portal. We already posted about how to upload solved assignments so go through that article on the website to learn the process.

#Very Important Links For Students
1.Date Sheet
2.Online Roll Number Slip For Exam
Download AIOU Solved Assignment Spring 2023 Pdf 1

What has AIOU solved assignments?

AIOU-solved assignments are the notes that a student makes himself.  These assignments contain answers to the questions given in the question book of the subject. These files are mostly present online in pdf format. AIOU’s portal only accepts PDF format for all solved assignments.

From the home page access the AIOU bar tab. After that click on solved assignments. You will find different subjects there. You can download the assignment of your relevant subjects easily. It is available in pdf format.

How to download AIOU-solved assignments?

Now comes the stage to submit AIOU assignments.  For this, you need to go to the AAGHI LMS portal on this link.

  • Log in with the username and password that have been given to you by AIOU.
  • After that, you have to select the enrolled course/subject of the solved assignment to upload.
  • Now click on  ‘ASSIGNMENT’ to redirect to a new page.
  • You have to select your file from the computer and upload it in pdf format.
  • Click on save changes.

This is how you submit your assignments.


Q1. What are AIOU assignments?

AIOU assignments are the questions that are prepared by the tutors and the students of AIOU have to answer those questions. These assignments are evaluated by the tutors and the marks are added in the final result.

Q2. What are AIOU question assignments?

AIOU question assignments are the questionnaires prepared by the teacher. The students have to give relevant answers in order to get good grades in their exams.

Q3. How to download AIOU question assignments?

AIOU’s question assignments are available and can be downloaded from the Allama Iqbal Open University’s official website. The complete process has been explained above.

Q4. How to write AIOU assignments?

AIOU’s assignments should be written on paper. The solution is submitted on AIOU’s portal after scanning. It should be in pdf format.

Q5. What has AIOU solved assignments?

AIOU solved assignments are the answers to the question papers. These are in pdf files. The marks obtained in these assignments are helpful to evaluate a student’s grade.

Q6. How to submit AIOU assignments?

You can submit AIOU assignments to the AAGHI portal. There are some simple steps to be followed. We have mentioned the steps in the above article. There is a separate detailed article on this topic as well.

Q7. How to check AIOU Results?

AIOU’s results can be checked at the link given below. Link:

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