500+ General Knowledge about Pakistan (Repeated MCQs) pdf

Q.26 Who had the longest tenure as Governor-General?
Ghulam Mohammad
Q.27 Name the largest library? the Quaid-e-Azam library.
Q.28 Which one is the largest University? Punjab University
Q.29 Name the oldest university? Punjab University
Q.30 Name the only non-military shaheed to receive
Nishan-e-Haider? Subaidar Lalik Jan he belonged to NLI.
Q,31 Which is the highest peak? K2 (Goodwin Austin 5,611
Q.32 Name the 2nd largest glacier of Pak? Batura.
Q.33 Name the largest Island of Pak? Manora.
Q.34 Which is the smallest city? Jhelum.
Q.35 Name the first Medical College? Nishtar Medical
Q.36 Name the largest mountain range? the Karakoram.
Q.37 Who was the first to receive Nishan-e-Hyder? Mohammad
Sarwar Shaheed.

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Q.38 Name the first private airline in Pakistan? Hajvari.
Q.39 Which is Pakistan’s second-largest city? Lahore.
Q.40 Who was the first Chief Justice of Pakistan? Abdur Rasheed.
Q.41 Who was the first foreign minister of Pakistan?Zafarullah khan.
Q.42 Which is the largest manmade lake in
Pakistan? Keenjhar .
Q.43 Which is the biggest lake in Pakistan?Manchar Lake .
Q.44 Where is the largest coal mine? in Quetta.
Q.45 Which is the highest point of the Khyber Pass?
Landhi Kotal.
Q.46 Name the largest airline? PIA.
Q.47 Name the largest airport? Quaid-e-Azam International
Airport, Karachi.
Q.48 Name the largest canal? the Lloyd Barrage Canal.
Q.49 Name the largest dam? Terbela.
Q.50 Name the largest desert? Thar.

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