500+ General Knowledge about Pakistan (Repeated MCQs) pdf

Geography of Pakistan: ( general knowledge about Pakistan )

Q.1 Which country is present in North-East of Pakistan? China
Q.2 What is their Border Length ?: 595km
Q.3 Which country is present in the East? India
Q.4 What is the Border Length?: 2912km (Radcliffe Line)
Q.5 Which country is present in the West?: Iran
Q.6 What is their Border Length?: 909km
Q.7 Which country is in the Northwest of Pakistan?: Afghanistan
Q.8 What is the Border Length(Deorind line)?: 2250km
Q.9 What is present in the South?: The Arabian Sea
Q.10 How long is the Coastline?: 1046km

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Q.11 When did Pakistan win the cricket world cup? 1992
Q.12 When did Pakistan win the Olympic gold medal in Hockey for the first time? 1964
Q.13 Where is the tomb of Mughal Emperor Jahangir?
Q.14 Name the national flower of Pakistan? Jasmine
Q.15 Which military alliance had Pakistan as its member? Answer: SEATO
Q.16 Name the national animal of Pakistan? Markhor
Q.17 Name the national bird of Pakistan? Chakor

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