Download AIOU Solved Assignments MA Education and M.Ed

Here you can Download AIOU Solved Assignments MA Education and M.Ed for the semester of spring and autumn 2022. AIOU solved assignment Autumn 2022 is available here you can download it for free.

MA Education and M.Ed solved assignment Autumn 2022 are mostly searched. Allama Iqbal open university accepts the assignments in docs files. First, you need to know about your tutor which can be traced from the aiou official website. For logging in to the official website, you add your username and password and then you access your portal. Here is an option to reset your id by using the adit option.

AIOU Solved Assignments MA Education and M.Ed

Download AIOU Solved Assignments MA Education and M.Ed

We are providing AIOU MA Education and M.Ed  Solved Assignments For Autumn 2022. You can download all pdf files of your relevant MA Education and M.Ed subject code which is given below.

M.ED / MA Education

CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
622Elementary School Management  
623Teaching Strategies at Elementary LevelPDFPDF
625Perspective of Elementary EducationPDFPDF
626Elementary Teacher EducationPDFPDF
627ICT in EducationPDFPDF
629Guidance & Counseling in Elementary SchoolPDFPDF
671Educational Psychology  
672Perspectives of Special Education  
673Handicapped Persons in the Community  
677Independence Training for The Visually Handicapped  
678Special Education for Visually Handicapped  
680General Introduction to The Hearing Impairment  
681Psychology Of Deafness & Child Development  
682Speech & Hearing  
683Audiology & Audiometry  
695Foundations of Science Education  
697Assessment in Science Education  
698Laboratory Organization, Management & Safety Methods  
826Elementary Education PDF
827Secondary EducationPDFPDF
828Higher EducationPDFPDF
829Teacher Education in PakistanPDFPDF
831Foundations of EducationPDFPDF
833Student Support Services in Distance Education  
834Educational Technology  
835Foundation of Adult Education  
837Educational Research  
838Curriculum Development & Instructions  
840Educational Psychology  
841Educational Measurement & Evaluation  
842Concepts & Methods of Distance Education  
843Educational Guidance & Counseling  
844Non- Formal Education  
845Educational Administration and Supervision  
846Teaching Strategies  
847Adult Education in Comparative Perspective  
850Evaluation of Adult Education  
851System of Distance Education  
855Computer in Education  
3601Braille Practical Course (Urdu)  
3602Braille Practical Course (English)  
3603Introduction & Assessment of Mentally Retarded Children I  
3604Introduction & Assessment of Mentally Retarded Children-II  
3605Education of Mentally Retarded Children I  
3606Education of Mentally Retarded Children II  
3607Physical Handicaps I  
3608Physical Handicaps II  
3609Educational Adaptation for Children with Ph. Disabilities I  
3610Educational Adaptation for Children with Ph. Disabilities II  
6500Foundations of Education  
6501Educational Psychology & Guidance  
6502Educational Management and Supervision  
6503Curriculum And Instruction  
6505Islamic System of Education  
6506Education In Pakistan  
6507Educational Measurement and Evaluation  
6508Teaching of EnglishPDF 
6509Teaching of UrduPDF 
6511Teaching of Pakistan StudiesPDF 
6515Teaching of Mathematics  
6516Teaching of Physics  
6552Textbook Development – IPDFPDF
6553Textbook Development – IIPDFPDF
6559Process of Educational Planning – I  
6560Process of Educational Planning – II  
6563Curriculum Planning & Evaluation – I  
6564Curriculum Planning & Evaluation – II  
6565Economics & Financing of Education – I  
6566Economics & Financing of Education – II  
6567Development Education-I  
6568Development Education-II  
6569Educational Research & Statistics – I  
6570Educational Research & Statistics – II  
6573Planning for Population Education – I  
6574Planning for Population Education – II  

3 Credit Hours Book Assignment Submission Date Autumn 2022

Assignment No 1 / Due Date27-02-2023
Assignment No 2 / Due Date10-04-2023
ExaminationMay – June 2023
Download AIOU Solved Assignments MA Education and M.Ed 1

In conclusion, AIOU Solved Assignments for MA Education and M.Ed for the Spring and Autumn semesters of 2022 can be downloaded for free from our website. To access the assignments, students need to know their tutor’s information and log in to the official website using their username and password. There is also an option to reset the ID through the “edit” option on the website.

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