AIOU BS Pakistan Studies ODL Solved Assignments – Spring 2023

Explore AIOU BS Pakistan Studies ODL Solved Assignments for Spring 2023. Download assignments for 4-year and 2.5-year programs. Enhance exam preparation with guidebooks. Eligibility criteria and passing policy detailed.

AIOU BS Pakistan Studies ODL Solved Assignments - Spring 2023 1

If you are currently enrolled in the BS Pakistan Studies program at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), you’ve arrived at the appropriate destination. We are pleased to offer meticulously solved assignments tailored for both the 4-year and 2.5-year BS Pakistan Studies programs.

These assignments are conveniently downloadable from our platform. Additionally, we provide the option to acquire supplementary guidebooks, which can greatly aid you in preparing effectively for your upcoming examinations.

Eligibility Criteria:

For those aspiring to pursue a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Pakistan Studies, it’s essential to have successfully cleared your intermediate exams with a minimum score of 45%. Similarly, to enrol in the 2.5-year BS Pakistan Studies program, a prerequisite is achieving a minimum of 50% marks in your intermediate exams.

Passing Criteria:

In order to successfully pass a course, a minimum of 50% marks is required in both the final examination and the cumulative score obtained from various components of the course, which encompass assignments, workshops, quizzes, and the final exam. The computation of the final grade takes into account the respective weightage assigned to each element: assignments (20%), workshops and quizzes (30%), and the final examination (50%).

AIOU BS Pakistan Studies ODL Solved Assignments – Spring 2023

BS Pakistan Studies Program (4 Years) / BS Pakistan Studies Program (2.5 Years)
CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
4485Introduction to Statistics  
5403Basics of ICTPDFPDF
9264National & International Current Affairs I  
9351Geography of Pakistan IPDFPDF
9352Ideological Foundations of PakistanPDFPDF
9353Geography of Pakistan IIPDFPDF
9354Foreign Policy of Pakistan IPDFPDF
9355Foreign Policy of Pakistan IIPDFPDF
9356Pakistani Society & Culture IPDFPDF
9357Archeology of PakistanPDFPDF
9358Genesis of Pakistan MovementPDFPDF
9359Pakistani Languages & Literature IPDFPDF
9360Political & Constitutional Development in Pakistan IPDFPDF
9361Pakistani Society & Culture IIPDFPDF
9362Public AdministrationPDFPDF
9363Pakistan & NeighborsPDFPDF
9364Pakistani Languages & Literature II
9365Political & Constitutional Development in Pakistan IIPDFPDF
9366Regional Cultures of PakistanPDFPDF
9367Economic Development in Pakistan IPDFPDF
9368Urbanization in PakistanPDFPDF
9369Minorities & Human Rights in PakistanPDFPDF
9370Economic Development in Pakistan IIPDFPDF
9371Political Parties & Pressure Groups in Pakistan  
9372Social Change in Pakistan  
9373Constitutional Development:The Politics of Amendments  
9374Pakistan StudiesPDFPDF
9375Research for Development  
9376Research Reports  
9377Natural Resource Management  
9401Islamic Studies  
9403Pakistani Adab I  
9404Public Relations   
9407Compulsory English – IPDFPDF
9408Compulsory English – IIPDFPDF
9409Compulsory English – IIIPDFPDF
9410Introduction to Sociology: Culture & SocietyPDFPDF
9411Population Studies  
9417Introduction to Mathematics & Statistics  
9438Methods of Social Research I: Research Process  
9439Methods of Social Research II: Tools of Data Collection  
9440Sociology of Development: Meaning & Explanation  
AIOU BS Pakistan Studies ODL Solved Assignments - Spring 2023 2
3 Credit Hours Book Assignment Submission Date Spring 2023
Assignment No 1 / Due Date30-08-2023
Assignment No 2 / Due Date29-09-2023
Exam MonthOctober / November 2023

In conclusion, our platform is dedicated to supporting students enrolled in the BS Pakistan Studies program at Allama Iqbal Open University. With accessible solved assignments for both 4-year and 2.5-year programs, along with supplementary guidebooks, we strive to facilitate effective exam preparation

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