Special Technology Zones in Pakistan [ 2022 ]

Special technology zones in Pakistan boost the economy of the country. Since technology is the backbone of the country we certainly need a Special technology zone in Pakistan.

What is the purpose of this zone? What kind of progress can we make with such initiatives? How fruitful these efforts can be? These are some of the questions that come to our minds when we talk about this idea.

This article brings information that will answer these questions, so let’s move towards the details without further delay.
To promote the learning process in science and technology the government of Pakistan has established special zones in the major cities of the country these are called special technology zones, governed by some authority.

Special Technology Zones in Pakistan

What is the special technology Zones Authority?

The Special Technology Zones Authority commonly known as STZA, has been designed in pursuance of the Special Technology Zones Authority Ordinance 2020. It is basically a governmental authority that works under the Cabinet Division. It has been authorized to formulate a scientific and technological ecosystem. Through the improvement of such zones, the government intends to stimulate technology growth in Pakistan.

What is STZA?

STZA stands for Special Technology Zones Authority, which delivers legislative and institutional assistance. They help in the advancement of Pakistan’s technology area. These zones have been setting up world-class technology goals across the region.

It also offers some diploma courses for the youth of Pakistan.

The technology zones in Pakistan have a lot to give. The details are here on their website.

The Specialties of such zones are as follows:

Knowledge economy,
Particular technology regions,
Science and technology research,
Science and Technology Parks,
Special incentives,
Job creation,
Research & Development,
Human Capital development,
Pakistan and Youth

What is the Special technology zones authority?

The Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication passed the “Special Technology Zones Authority Bill, 2021” a few days back.

Unanimously under that bill, an Authority would be set up to boost the home IT sector and entice foreign immediate involvement in the country by giving 10-year tax exemption to zone originators and businesses.

Administrators from the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication informed conference members regarding the Special Technology Zones Authority Bill, 2021.

Officers demonstrated that it is significant to give institutional support for the technology sector. As there are internationally-competitive and export-oriented networks and ecosystems, we have to take such steps.

In order to entertain foreign explicit investment, develop a collective ecosystem that may connect the academia, exploration, and technology industry.

This will enable boost productivity and lessen the expenses of creation through high-tech interventions and motivate future entrepreneurship.

It will also assist career vacancies for informed youth of the country.

According to the objective and justifications of the bill, to give legislative assistance for the federal technology sector with internationally robust and export-oriented hierarchies and ecosystem.

What is the Special technology zones in Pakistan?

The Special Technology Zones Promote the alliance between business, academia, and the administration for a developed and tech-driven Pakistan.

These special Zones come up with outstanding incentives. Moreover, they struggle to stimulate the national creation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Hence, the world-class technology goals across Pakistan will give unmatched & tremendous incentives.

Technology Zone Developers

The technology Zone Developers in Pakistan are the spine of the STZs. These are normally the public or personal corporations that are supposed to be accountable for improvement, performance, and supervision of the whole, or a portion of the whole, STZ.

They have been licensed by the Authority emancipation from all taxes on income in connection to the improvement and undertakings of the zones for an interval of ten years. The time period starts from the date of the signing of the improvement treaty.

They have also got an exemption from all customs duties and taxes for a duration of ten years. It starts from the time of signing of the development agreement on capital goods imported into Pakistan for consumption within zones by the Authority and zone developers.

Furthermore, they have freedom from public sales tax (GST) on products and services on import of the following


For consumption of these items within zones by the Authority and zone developers.

Technology Zone Enterprises

Zone Enterprises are accountable for the drivers of invention culture within STZs by regulating and governing a technical enterprise within the zone and consented by the Authority.

They also get an exemption from all income taxes including withholding tax and presumptive tax for a time period of ten years.

There is liberty from estate tax for them for ten years from the date of allotment of license by the Authority.

They don’t have to pay the customs duties and taxes for an interval of ten years from the time of assignment of license by the Authority on capital goods.

There is no G.S.T applicable on goods and services on import of plant, machines, appliances, and other materials to manufacture the products if these items are consumed within zones by the Authority.

Tax protection on dividend income and long-term capital profits from ventures in a venture capital (VC) launching for a duration of ten years,

The government has established many technology Zones across Pakistan.
The Special Technology Zones (STZs) will include the following:

Information Technology (IT) Parks, Software Technology Parks,
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Complexes, R&D facilities, Excellence Centres.

This initiative has been taken for tech-driven industries and startups committed to furnishing IT & IT-enabled Services (ITeS).

Recently Lahore Technopolis has been inaugurated. It is a special technology zone. It will generate employment and increase Pakistan’s tech exports.

This is the second tech zone. The first one has been set up as Islamabad Technopolis. The zone has been established to stimulate the country’s transition towards a knowledge-based economy.

The Special Technology Zones Authority also called (STZA) has declared that it plans to set up 14 world-class tech zones in the country in the coming months.

These technology zones in Pakistan will generate thousands of employment opportunities for youth. They will also increase tech exports, and generate a high-skilled workforce. This will lead to evolving Pakistan’s technology industry and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The government intends to modify Pakistan into a knowledge-based economy by facilitating invention, analysis, and improvement. It wants to develop by motivating the youth of Pakistan to take part in the country’s advancement.

The authority emphasized the significance of the technology industry from a financial viewpoint. It is necessary especially for :

Generating jobs,
Human capital improvement,
Women empowerment,
Skills development,
Import alteration,
Altogether technology-led financial development Special technology zones in Pakistan. These zones are necessary to establish development and foreign investment.

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