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diploma courses

In this era of inflation, everyone wants to earn sooner so diploma courses are the short cut to become skilful and earn from your skills. Basically, diplomas are certified courses offered by reputed institutes. They provide you with complete understanding and skills associated with the course you chose. If you are done with your basic education that is at least matriculation or you have passed the intermediate exam, you are eligible to get admission in the diploma courses of your choice.

As per the emerging trends, there are various institutes, governments and even private institutes who are offering diploma courses in different fields. Choosing the field or a diploma course fully depends on the personal interest of a student rather he is interested in technical workstream or fine art or have any other interest. Urdu wisdom is sharing some diploma courses which can make you able to earn handsome salaries.

1- Diploma in information technology:

diploma in it
diploma in it

We all familiar with the fact that the computer has become the necessity of our life so this diploma has vast scope in the world of technology. This course will make you learn software used, website creation, data entry, programming and much more as per market demand.



After 12th
DURATION 6 months to 1 year
APPROX. SALARY 50,000 plus

2- Diploma in computer application:

diploma in computer application

It is a short course in which you are able to learn about various computer tools and applications which are used in daily life. After completing this diploma, you can work in any company dealing with computer applications or you may start your own business.

DURATION 6 months
APPROX. SALARY 30,000 to 50,000

3- Diploma in hotel management:

Diploma in hotel management

The hotline has become a modern trend so they are trying to provide an affectioning environment to their customers. In this diploma, you will learn how to cook and manage the hotel. For the last few years, this course has become the main interest of the people.



DURATION 3 years
APPROX. SALARY 50,000 to 60,000 Rs/-

4-  Diploma in taxation:

diploma courses

If you are good at maths you may choose this diploma as your career. After completing a diploma in taxation you will be become a tax expert and may work in any company in their finance wing.

DURATION 6 months to 1 year
APPROX. SALARY 30,000 Rs/-


5- Diploma in the pilot license:

After this diploma course, you will be able to fly a plane yes you will become a pilot in a short time. You can contract with any airways company and you will earn a huge amount as a salary. But do remember before this you have to spend a lot of money for this course.

DURATION 2 years

100,000 Rs/-

6- Diploma in photography:

If you are a good photographer is not less than a blessing in this digital world. With the changing trends, people got their interest in photography. These days, even a small event or a regular get-together demands for the perfect clicks. So the diploma of photography has got a vast scope in this century. You can do this diploma whenever you want to there is no restriction of age or qualification it’s just a matter of interest.

DURATION 3 to 6 months
APPROX. SALARY May be up to 1 lac if you start your own business

7- Diploma in interior designing :

The beautiful and luxurious home is everyone’s dream. In Pakistan people became interested in making lavish homes and farms and for this, they need an experienced and a creative person. In this diploma, you will learn all that creativity and home décor ideas which are in demand and you may join any interior designing firm or a showroom & can earn a good salary.

DURATION 6 months
APPROX. SALARY 50,000 to 70,000

8- Diploma in financial  management:

Financial management is the most integral thing for the certitude and assurance of a successful business. By this diploma, you will become proficient in business and finance management and can join any firm as a finance manager or accountant with a good salary package.

ELIGIBILITY 12TH/Intermediate
DURATION 1 to 2 years
APPROX. SALARY Up to 1 lac

9- Diploma in early childhood and Montessori:

If you love being around little kids then this is for you, you will learn how to teach small kids and make learning fun for them. As the trend of private schools has been provoked in the people the demand for this diploma is also increasing day by day. All the parents want their kids to be handled by great love and affection and this diploma will make you learn how to handle the kids between the age of 3 to 6.

ELIGIBILITY Intermediate
APPROX. SALARY Approx. equal to a primary teacher


These are the diplomas having massive scope nationally as well as internationally. There are many government institutes offering these courses. Mostly boys have an interest in technical and mechanical works so they opt to choose this field.


Intermediate i.e 12th


3 years

APPROX. SALARY 20,000 to 1 lac

11- Diploma in fashion designing:

Currently, our fashion industry is ranking at the top because of its attractive trends that are the centre of the eagerness of Pakistani ladies. You may learn the chic trends by acquiring this diploma.


12- Diploma in medical laboratory and technician:

If you have completed your matric with biology or you have an interest in the medical field then you may work with doctors as lab technicians. There is a large number of laboratories with different brand tags in every city of Pakistan so this course also has quite a good scope.

ELIGIBILITY At least matric

13- Diploma In Beautician Course:

Beauticians are the ones who enhance your beauty with their makeup skills. Nowadays beauty salon is one of the most intimate spots for young girls and ladies. By learning good makeup from a well-reputed institute will make you a star among the passionate ones. Not only the ladies but men are also set in motion towards the beauty salons they might have thought why we left behind. So this diploma will make you a feasible beautician and you can run your own beauty salon.


3 to 6 months

14- Diploma in graphic designing:

Currently, online working is very common everyone wants to earn less or more by sitting at home. Learning graphic designing is one of the best ways to earn online as it has a huge demand in the market.


1 year

15- Diploma in computer-aided designing (AutoCAD):

It is a rising field in the digital world which combines creativity with technical expertise. Auto CAD learning will also be beneficial for online working or freelancing. You will become expert in using this software and developing polylines, chamfering, fillets, gradient, hatching and layers etc.

ELIGIBILITY ICS/Pre-engineering
DURATION 3 months

16- Diploma in textile and printing:

Textile designing make students eligible to meet today’s fanciful and sophisticated demands of the textile industry. If you have a creative mind and have some captivation for art and textile, you may go with this as a career.

DURATION 1 year/ 3 years

17- Diploma in architecture:

As Pakistan is a developing country and to make innovative and artistic buildings we’ll be needing good architectures. Diploma in Architecture Engineering have a good scope, you can earn handsome amount of money per month.







2 years

18- Diploma in Culinary Arts:

I think good food is the only thing that can change the mood a person, as it is well said by Ken Follett “hard work should be rewarded by good food”. So if you want to make people enamoured for you then you must learn to cook the best food. For this culinary arts is the best option for you to become a great chef and earn countless money.


2 years


I hope these diploma courses will be helpful to decide your future goals. If you are still confused and do not know the best solution you can comment below.

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