Surah Mulk Read Online | Surah Al-Mulk PDF Arabic, English, Urdu

Surah Mulk is the 67th Surah in the holy Quran. You can read, listen and download Pdf to the Surah Al-Mulk online. This Surah has revealed to the prophet peace be upon him in the city of Mecca.

The title of this surah means “The Sovereignty”.It has 30 ayat and is positioned in para 29. The English meaning of this surah is “Sovereignty ”.

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Surah Mulk Read Online

Surah Mulk
Surah Al-Mulk PDF
Surah Mulk with Urdu translation
Surah Mulk pdf

Surah Mulk pdf

This surah can be downloaded in pdf. The full Surah Mulk PDF is available online. It has been published by Maktaba Tul Madina. Those who want to Recite it online can do so. Surah Mulk PDF is easily accessible for readers. They can download it and save the files to their gadgets.

Surah Mulk Read Online

The Holy Quran is an excellent origin of direction. It instructs us to live our lives according to the teachings of Allah.  Since Muslims are inhabiting different countries, the Holy Quran is presently being interpreted into various languages.

Urdu wisdom.com is an excellent location for people who need to browse or download Surah Mulk PDF. If you are someone who has a good grip on language, it is good for you and recommended to download the interpretation of Surah Mulk in the PDF.  Once you download it you can read it in your comfort on your mobile device, tab, or even on PC without the demand of the internet.

Surah Mulk with Urdu translation

Surah Mulk Read Online | Surah Al-Mulk PDF Arabic, English, Urdu

The Surah Mulk is available in PDF form with a translation. It enables you to comprehend the message of Allah in any language. You can get Urdu translation easily.  You can download the Urdu translation in PDF format.

Surah Mulk Bangla

Not only Urdu but the translation of this and many other surahs is available in Bangla language too. You can get the Translation/the meanings of Surah in the Bangla language by searching Translation of the Quran into Bengali by Dr Abu Bakr Muhammad Zakaria or any Bangla scholar.

Surah mulk transliteration

It is narrated by the companions of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that the one who reads Tabaarak Allaah bi yadihi’l-Mulk al-Mulk every night, Allah will safeguard him from the suffering of the grave. At the time of the Messenger of Allah peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him they used to call it al-maani’ah. It means something which defends.

This surah is the guardian of its reciter in this Dunia and the life hereafter. Surah Mulk not only provides protection in Dunia and akhirah but will protect you in-between means in the grave. In a hadith, it was illustrated that the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) suggested reading Surah Mulk daily every night before going to bed۔

Surah mulk equraninstitut

There are Tutors who deliver accessible Online Quran Education to children all over the world. One who wants to learn can start Learning the Holy Quran at home from the Quran Institute online.


Surah al Mulk is that surah which will arbitrate for the reader before Allah and protect him from the grave penalty.

It is narrated by Jabir that the Prophet (ﷺ) never went to sleep until he recited Tabarak Alladhi Biyadihil-Mulk.

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