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Surah Anaam is a Makkan Surah that was revealed all at once. The relationship between Allah and His messengers is the subject of the late Makkan surah known as Surah Anaam. The rejection of shirk and the direction given to Tauheed is the verses’ primary themes. The Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) attempt to recognize Allah is described in these verses.

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Surah Anaam Read Online

Surah Anaam
Surah Anaam
Surah Anaam
Surah Anaam
Surah Anaam Read Online | Surah Anaam PDF, 1
Surah Anaam Read Online
Surah Anaam Read Online
Surah Anaam Read Online
Surah Anaam Read Online
Surah Anaam Read Online
Surah Anaam Pdf
Surah Anaam Pdf
Surah Anaam Pdf
Surah Anaam Read Online | Surah Anaam PDF, 2
Surah Anaam Pdf
Surah Anaam Pdf
Surah Anaam Pdf
Surah Anaam Pdf
Surah Anaam Pdf
Surah Anaam translation
Surah Anaam translation
Surah Anaam translation
Surah Anaam translation
Surah Anaam translation
Surah Anaam translation
Surah Anaam translation
Surah Anaam translation

Surah Anaam translation

Surah Anaam Read Online | Surah Anaam PDF, 3
Surah Anaam translation
Surah Anaam translation in urdu
Surah Anaam Read Online | Surah Anaam PDF, 4

Surah Anaam, which follows Al-Baqarah, Al-Imran, An-Nisa, and Al-Maidah in the Quran, discusses topics such as the establishment of Tauheed, the Revelation, Messengership, and Resurrection, as well as the clear signs of Allah’s Dominion and Power. It is believed to have been revealed entirely during the final year of the Meccan period of Islam, making it a “Meccan surah.” The believed revelation’s timing and context are explained by this. The story of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS), who exhorts others to give up worshipping celestial bodies and turn to Allah, is also told in the surah.

Many Surahs were revealed in portions and not all at one time. Surah Anaam was completely revealed together rather than in smaller instalments.

Surah Anaam PDF

If you want to read Surah Anaam pdf, you can easily access it in pdf form anywhere online. It is available everywhere on the internet. It is available in all different languages so it is not necessary for you to read it in Arabic. You can read it in any language that you are fluent or comfortable in. It is essential to read in a language you are fluent in so that you can easily understand the meaning and significance of the surah.

Surah Anaam First 3 Ayat

If you want to read just the first three ayats of Surah Anaam, those can also be found online. These will also be available in all languages. These ayats have lots of importance so it is good if you read them and try to understand what they are talking about so that you can then apply it to your daily life.

Quran Surah Lisy:

Surah NameArabicMeaningOrderPlaceTotal
1Al-FatihahالفاتحةThe Opening5🕋7
2Al-BaqarahاﻟﺒﻘﺮﺓThe Cow87🕌286
3Aale-Imranاۤل عمرانThe Family Of Imran89🕌200
4An-NisaاﻟﻨﺴﺄThe Women92🕌176
5Al-MaidahالمائدةThe Table112🕌120
6Al-AnamالأنعامThe Cattle55🕋165
7Al-ArafالأعرافThe Heights39🕋206
8Al-AnfalالأنفالThe Spoils Of War88🕌75
9At-TawbahالتوبةThe Repentance113🕌129
13Ar-RadالرعدThe Thunder96🕌43
15Al-HijrالحجرThe Rocky Tract54🕋99
16An-NahlالنحلThe Bees70🕋128
17Al-IsraالإسرﺃThe Night Journey50🕋111
18Al-KahfالكهفThe Cave69🕋110
21Al-AnbiyaاﻷﻧﺒﻴﺄThe Prophets73🕋112
22Al-HajjالحجThe Pilgrimage103🕌78
23Al-MuminunالمؤمنونThe Believers74🕋118
24An-NurالنورThe Light102🕌64
25Al-FurqanالفرقانThe Criterion42🕋77
26Ash-ShuaraالشعرﺃThe Poets47🕋227
27An-NamlالنملThe Ants48🕋93
28Al-QasasالقصصThe Stories49🕋88
29Al-AnkabutالعنكبوتThe Spider85🕋85
30Ar-RumالرومThe Romans84🕋60
32As-SajdahالسجدةThe Prostration75🕋30
33Al-AhzabالأحزابThe Combined Forces90🕌73
34SabaﺳﺒﺄThe Sabeans58🕋54
35FatirالفاطرThe Originator43🕋45
37As-SaffatالصافاتThose Ranges In Ranks56🕋182
39Az-ZumarالزمرThe Groups59🕋75
40Al-GhafirغافرThe Forgiver60🕋85
42Ash-ShuraالشورىThe Consultation62🕋53
43Az-ZukhrufالزخرفThe Gold63🕋89
44Ad-DukhanالدخانThe Smoke64🕋59
45Al-JathiyahالجاثيةThe Kneeling65🕋37
46Al-AhqafالأحقافThe Valley66🕋35
48Al-FathالفتحThe Victory111🕌29
49Al-HujuratالحجراتThe Dwellings106🕌18
51Adh-DhariyatالذارياتThe Scatterers67🕋60
52At-TurالطورThe Mount76🕋49
53An-NajmالنجمThe Star23🕋62
54Al-QamarالقمرThe Moon37🕋55
55Ar-RahmanالرحمنThe Most Gracious97🕋78
56Al-WaqiahالواقعةThe Event46🕋96
57Al-HadidالحديدThe Iron94🕌29
58Al-MujadilahالمجادلةThe Reasoning105🕌22
59Al-HashrالحشرThe Gathering101🕌24
60Al-MumtahinahالممتحنةThe Tested91🕌13
61As-SafالصفThe Row109🕌14
63Al-MunafiqunالمنافقونThe Hypocrites104🕌11
64At-TaghabunالتغابنThe Loss & Gain108🕌18
65Al-TalaqالطلاقThe Divorce99🕌12
66Al-TahrimالتحريمThe Prohibition107🕌12
67Al-MulkالملكThe Kingdom77🕋30
68Al-QalamالقلمThe Pen2🕋52
69Al-HaqqahالحاقةThe Inevitable78🕋52
70Al-MaarijالمعارجThe Elevated Passages79🕋44
72Al-JinnالجنThe Jinn40🕋28
73Al-MuzzammilالمزملThe Wrapped3🕋20
74Al-MuddaththirالمدثرThe Cloaked4🕋56
75Al-QiyamahالقيامةThe Resurrection31🕋40
76Al-DahrالإنسانThe Human98🕌31
77Al-MursalatالمرسلاتThose Sent Forth33🕋50
78Al-NabaالنبأThe Great News80🕋40
79Al-NaziatالنازعاتThose Who Pull Out81🕋46
80Al-AbasaعبسHe Frowned24🕋42
81Al-TakwirالتكويرThe Overthrowing7🕋29
82Al-InfitarالإنفتارThe Cleaving82🕋19
83Al-MutaffifinالمطففينThose Who Deal In Fraud86🕋36
84Al-InshiqaqاﻹنشقاقThe Splitting Asunder83🕋25
85Al-BurujالبروجThe Stars27🕋22
86Al-TariqالطارقThe Nightcomer36🕋17
87Al-AalaالأعلىThe Most High8🕋19
88Al-GhashiyahالغاشيةThe Overwhelming68🕌26
89Al-FajrالفجرThe Dawn10🕋30
90Al-BaladالبلدThe City35🕋20
91Al-ShamsالشمسThe Sun26🕋15
92Al-LaylالليلThe Night9🕋21
93Al-DuhaالضحىThe Forenoon11🕋11
94Al-InshirahاﻹﻧﺸﺮﺡThe Opening Forth12🕋8
95Al-TinالتينThe Fig28🕋8
96Al-AlaqالعلقThe Clot1🕋19
97Al-QadrالقدرThe Night Of Decree25🕋5
98Al-BayyinahالبينةThe Proof100🕌8
99Al-ZalzalahالزلزلةThe Earthquake93🕋8
100Al-AdiyatالعادياتThe Runners14🕋11
101Al-QariahالقارعةThe Striking Hour30🕋11
102Al-TakathurالتكاثرThe Piling Up16🕋8
103Al-AsrالعصرThe Time13🕋3
104Al-HumazahالهمزةThe Slanderer32🕋9
105Al-FilالفيلThe Elephant19🕋5
107Al-MaunالماعونThe Assistance17🕋7
108Al-KawtharالكوثرThe River Of Abundance15🕋3
109Al-KafirunالكافرونThe Disbelievers18🕋6
110Al-NasrالنصرThe Help114🕌3
111Al-MasadالمسدThe Palm Fiber6🕋5
112Al-IkhlasالإخلاصThe Sincerity22🕋4
113Al-FalaqالفلقThe Daybreak20🕋5


How many ayats are in Surah Anaam?

There are 165 verses in Surah Anaam and they can all be found online within a matter of a few clicks. It requires zero prior knowledge to find these Surahs.

How many ayat of Surah Anaam?

In Surah, Anaam is 165 ayats for all of us to read and understand. They can be read in any language of your sort as they have been translated.

What is meant by Surah Anaam in Urdu?

Like all other languages, Surah Anaam is also available in Urdu which is the national language of Pakistan. If you want to read the surah in Urdu, you can search for it online as it is available.

What is the main theme of Surah Anaam?

Surah Anaam talks about the Oneness of Allah which is Tauheed. It also talks about the Messengers of Allah. It also sheds some light on the miracles. It talks about how Allah is the Almighty and there is none other than Him.

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