Difference Between FA/FSc, ICS, and I.Com in Pakistan

Have you completed your matric Qualification and want to take admitted to higher secondary education colleges? There are a lot of students having confused about choosing the field for the intermediate degree.

So, here we will tell you about primary fields that you can choose after the Matric according to the subjects you have studied in the SSC. So, to get the complete information regarding all possible files after Matric, read the complete article. After reading the article, you will be able to select the more suitable field according to your concern for the intermediate degree.

Available Field for Intermediate Degree

Those who want admission to the intermediate degree can apply for one of the following fields. They have to choose the field based on the subjects studied in the Matric.

  • FA
  • FSc (Pre-Medical / Pre-Engineering)
  • ICS
  • I.COM

Below, we have provided the difference between all these intermediate fields and the eligibility criteria for each. At the same time, you will also get the details of the subject that you can choose for the concerned area of study.

One more important thing is that all students, without any discrimination of field, have to study 04 compulsory subjects, English, Urdu, Islamic studies and Pak studies. While the remaining subjects, students have to choose based on their concerned field. 

FA (Faculty of Arts)

FA stands for Faculty of Arts; however, it is also called FA Humanities. In this intermediate field, candidates have to choose the Arts subjects. For the FA humanities field, candidates have to choose some elective subjects. However, here are the names of some elective subjects.

  • Civics
  • Phy.Education
  • Economics
  • Fine Arts
  • English Literature
  • Home Economics
  • Islamiyat Elective

FSc (Faculty of Science)

FSc stands for faculty of Science, and there are two further branches of FSc, FSc (Pre-Medical) and FSc (Pre-Engineering). Students who study Matric with science subjects (Chemistry, Physics, and Biology) can choose one of the FSc branches.

  • During FSc Pre-Medical, students must study Biology, Chemistry, and physics as compulsory subjects. 

Note: Find FSc (Pre Medical and Pre Engineering) Notes from FScOnline.

  • For FSc Engineering, the elective subjects are Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. 

Here we are providing a link to a website that provides the latest chemistry 1st-year notes. So, if you want the 11th-year Chemistry notes, click on the link. 


ICS stands for the Intermediate of Computer science. In this field, the major subject is Computer Science. However, along with the Computer, students have to choose 02 more elective subjects from the provided subject groups/combination. Below is the variety of all possible subjects that students can choose for the ICS degree.

  • Physics, Maths, Computer Science
  • Statistics, Maths, Computer Science
  • Statistics, Maths, Computer Science


I.Com stands for the Intermediate of Commerce. Students who want to learn skills and get degrees in the commerce and Accounting field choose I.Com. After two years I.Com Degree, students can get admission to B.com and M.com and further relevant fields in business. 

However, during the I.Com degree, students have the following elective subjects.

  • Principle of Accounting
  • Principle of Eco. & Commercial Geo
  • Principle of Commerce & Banking/ Computer
  • Business Mathematics & Statistics

Hopefully, the provided information regarding the intermediate degree will be helpful for you. Now, you might be able to choose one of the most suitable fields for you for further studies. 

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