What is the E-Tijarat portal & Its Benefits for E-Commerce in Pakistan?

Prime Minister Imran Khan has initiated Pakistan’s foremost e-commerce online portal, named E-Tijarat portal. The purpose is to boost trading & to assist the government in giving rise to transparency to the IT region. It also boosts the economy of the country by promoting businesses in Pakistan. That is the main focus of the government.

He attended the E-Commerce Pakistan Convention and disclosed the country’s first zero-tax strategy for registered freelancers.

E-Tijarat portal

What is the portal in e-commerce?

Online Portals are the platforms that enable industries to execute interactions and agreements with consumers and suppliers instantly. This helps to facilitate a more spontaneous and corresponding system.

What are the 4 models of e-commerce?

There are four conventional varieties of e-commerce that include.

  1. B2C Business-to-Consumer
  2. B2B Business-to-Business
  3. C2B Consumer-to-Business
  4. C2C Consumer-to-Consumer

Electronic commerce, the Country’s First E-commerce online portal generally communicated as e-commerce, is the trading or facilitation of reading in products or services. It utilises computer networks, such as the Internet or online social networks.

Electronic commerce brings on different technologies that include:

  • Mobile commerce,
  • Electronic funds transfer,
  • Supply chain management,
  • Internet marketing,
  • Online transaction processing,
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • Inventory management systems,
  • Automated data collection systems.

E-commerce industries engage in some of the following things.

1. Online shopping network sites for commercial sales direct to customers.

2. Give or contribute to online marketplaces, which operate third-party business-to-consumer or consumer-to-consumer deals.

3. Business-to-business sales and purchases.

4. Collect and use demographic data through web connections and social media.

5. Business-to-business electronic data exchange.

What is e-commerce?

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce implies buying and selling of products, or services over the internet.

The common explanation of E-commerce is commercial marketing which happens over the internet.

There are several online stores of E-commerce websites for instance,

  • Amazon,
  • Alibaba
  • Daraz
  • Flipkart,
  • Shopify,
  • Myntra,
  • Ebay,
  • Quikr,
  • Olx

What are the different types of e-commerce?

There are three major categories of e-commerce:

B2B (business-to-business websites such as Shopify)

B2C (business-to-consumer websites such as Amazon)

C2C (consumer-to-consumer websites such as eBay)

E-commerce has moved a long way in providing customers through the internet. With the help of their websites and online advertisements, industries can correspond with their consumers, deliver information regarding new commodities and complete sales.

E Tijarat portal official website.

PM Imran Khan has inaugurated Pakistan’s first e-commerce web portal. The official e-commerce portal is named as E-Tijarat portal. According to him, it would encourage trading. Furthermore, it will assist the government in its undertakings to bring transparency to the business.

E Tijarat portal official website.

What is the E-tijarat portal in Pakistan?

E-Tijarat Portal, Pakistan’s first e-commerce online portal, has been officially launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan. At the E-Commerce Pakistan Convention, he declared the organization of a zero-tax strategy for freelancers who are presently registered in the country.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan stated that many people affiliated with the information technology (IT) sector have become billionaires. The government has given particular attention to both the IT sector and young people. As a result of the development of information technology, the planet has entered the digitalization era.

“Pakistan has the ability to meet the target of Rs 50 billion in IT exports.”

Some businesses have already attained this.  IT exports have increased by up to Rs3.75 billion in the last year. We need to remove roadblocks in the way of our youth’s development and give them resources. We need to take ample benefit of the technological transformation that is taking place around the world.

Many of the active and rapidly thriving e-commerce brands today are moving towards incorporating offline and online retail into a seamless cross-channel experience.

What is the E-tijarat portal in Pakistan?

E-Tijarat portal is a domain that’s frequently shifting and boosting as technologies expand. The corporations compete with one another to earn a tremendous percentage.

One of the ways eCommerce stores can evolve more unique for consumers is by keeping track of customers’ preferences and modifying their e-commerce experience based on the stuff they like and are enthusiastic about.

There is already an identical element, which is the ‘recommended products’ category in most online stores. It provides consumers suggestions based on their search history.

Ecommerce delivery drones

Drones are flying robots that can be either manually regulated or programmed to fly on their own.

 In the future, drones will be eligible to replace order recorders by submitting orders to consumers. These drones will be faster than humans. This will considerably reduce the time so orders will be distributed faster than ever before. This will help businesses and consumers alike.

Many eCommerce businesses are fascinated by this development. The expenses will be less for corporations and people will receive what they want in a shorter time.

Ecommerce social media shopping

Social media outlets play an enormous function in our lives today. Many brands are conscious of this fact. They switch their commerce towards social media sites. In this way, they reach a vast number of people. In fact, the number of financed Instagram posts is improving every year.

 Understanding that millions of people use these applications every year. This is a benefit for e-commerce business holders. People are purchasing via social media every day. This is the right time to finance social media marketing and selling.

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