AIOU Solved Assignment Spring 2022 BS Programs

Here you can download AIOU solved assignment spring 2022 BS for free. Recently Allama Iqbal open the university and announce the BS program on a regular and private basis. Students all over Pakistan can get admission to BS programs.

If you have got admission to BS in any stream and you struggling regarding BS assignment. Here you can download all kinds of aiou solved assignments with a single click, links are given below. From the below links you can get aiou solved assignment for spring 2022.

AIOU solved assignment spring 2022 BS
AIOU solved assignment spring 2022 BS

AIOU solved assignment spring 2022 BS

BS Islamic Studies
CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
1901Objectives of Shari’ahPDF
1902Study of World ReligionsPDF
1903Islamic History-IPDF
1904Ethics of Disagreement in IslamPDF
1905Arabic Literature
1906History of Islamic Disciplines
1907Islamic Political SystemPDF
1951تعارف قرآنPDFPDF
1952قرآنی عربیPDFPDF
2900Introduction to Hadith
3900Seerat – E – Tayyaba
4485Introduction To Statistics
5403Basic of ICTPDFPDF
9001بنیادی اردوPDFPDF
9003شعری اصناف: تعارف و تفہیمPDF
9007نثری اصناف تعارف و تفہیم حصہ اولPDF
9008تحریروانشا عملی ترتیبPDF 
9051Introduction to LinguisticsPDFPDF
9052History of English LanguagePDFPDF
9056Phonetics &PhonologyPDF
9057Classical DramaPDFPDF
9058Classical NovelPDF
9060ELT MethodologiesPDFPDF
9252Concepts of Mass CommunicationPDFPDF
9253Principles of Journalism 1PDFPDF
9254Principles of Journalism 2PDF
9255Magazine Journalism
9256Principle of TV Broadcasting
9257Introduction to Advertising
9258Principles of Radio Broadcasting
9259Introduction to Public RelationsPDFPDF
9260Book Editing & ProductionPDFPDF
9261Print Media (Part–1)
9262Print Media (Part–2)
9263Public Relations
9264National & International Current Affairs (Part-1)
9265National & International Current Affairs (Part-2)
9266Language Skills &Communicative Abilities
9267Electronic Media (Part-1)PDF
9268Electronic Media (Part-2)
9271Process & Effects of Mass Communication (Part-1)PDF
9272Process & Effects of Mass Communication (Part-2)PDF
9402Pakistan StudiesPDFPDF
9407Compulsory English-IPDFPDF
9408Compulsory English-IIPDFPDF
9409Basics Of Technical EnglishPDFPDF
9410Introduction to Sociology Culture & Society
9416English LiteraturePDFPDF
9417Understanding Math & Statistics
9443Office Automation

BS Mass Communication Solved Assignments

CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
9408English – IIPDFPDF
9252Mass CommunicationPDF/
9253Principles of Journalism (Part 1)
9254Principles of Journalism (Part 2)
9255Magazine JournalismPDFPDF
9256TV BroadcastingPDF/
9258Radio Broadcasting
9259Public Relations
9260Book Editing
9409English – III
9410Introduction to Sociology Culture and Society

Half Credit (3 Credit Hours) Book Assignment Submission Date Autumn 2021

Assignment No 113-02-2022
Assignment No 203-04-2022
AIOU Solved Assignment Spring 2022 BS Programs 1
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