Different Types of Mangoes in Pakistan

Mangoes in Pakistan

Mangoes in Pakistan

Mango is one of the extensively enjoyable and nutrient-dense fruits, and it is recognized globally as the king of fruit. Mango is a tropical fruit that arrives in almost1,000 variations. Pakistan is a country rich in the production of mangoes. Some of the considerably distinguished kinds of mangoes in Pakistan.

More than 200 species of mango are reproduced in Pakistan. Sindhri and Chaunsa are vastly prominent assortments in the country and also well known for export.

Anwer Ratol
Gulab Khans
Lal Badshah

1. Langra:

The ‘Langra’ mango, is also recognized as Banarasi Langra. It is a mango mainly grown in Pakistan. It maintains a greenish hue while growing.

2. Saroli:

This kind of mango is accessible in variables. It is famous for having varying sourness and sweetness. Moreover, it is very soft.

3. Chaunsa:

This variation of mango was initially made prominent by Sher Shah Suri in the Indian subcontinent.

4. Neelum:

The neelam is highly appreciated by mango lovers across the world.

5. Anwer Ratol:

Anwar Ratol is a tiny, yellow variety of mango noticed for its sweetness and fiberlessness. It is occasionally labeled the ‘mini powerhouse’.

6. Fajri:

Fajri Mango is a big-sized mango that is distinguished for its excellence of being fiberless and fairly less aromatic.

7. Sindhri:

Sindhri is an incredible sweet mango: a real delight that is not to be forgotten during its brief season.

8. Almas:

One of the popular types generated in Pakistan. Small in size but rich in taste.

9. Dussehri:

It is a soft and fragrant variety of mango risen in Nepal and Pakistan.

10. Gulab Khas:

Each of the variations has a different taste, form and colour. One of them is the (rose-red) Gulab Khas. It is called a Gulab due to its red color.

11. Sunera:

Another small-sized, vibrant in flavour & one of the sweetest categories cultivated in the country.

12. Lal Badshah:

It is recognized for its sharp red colour. The fruit normal size under 1lb. They evolve a stunning crimson color coating.

13. Totapuri:

You can get Pakistan Totapuri Mango Products at Pakbiz.com. Pakistan is a very promising producer of this kind of mango. These are mostly cultivated in cities like Multan, Sahiwal.

 14. Alphonso:

Alphonso mango is vastly terrific in terms of sweetness, taste and richness. It weighs almost 200g each and assessed to be the most costly type of mango.

How to import mangoes from Pakistan?

Import situations for mangoes from Pakistan are ready on the Biosecurity Import Conditions system (BICON), giving rise to the import of these mangoes feasible.

Iran, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, China, and European countries are main importers of Pakistani mangoes.

The above-mentioned kinds are different popular and readily attainable mangoes in Pakistan. People can also cultivate a mango tree in the backyard to relish the favorable mangoes in Pakistan, as our environment is suitable for growing quite a few trees in your land at residence.

Which city is famous for mangoes in Pakistan?

Mirpur Khas is recognized for the cultivation of mango, with a lot of species of fruit yielded each year. That is why it is also named the “City of Mangoes,” and has been arranging an annual mango festival since 1955.

Langra is the sweetest Pakistani mango in the delightful variety. Once Gulf News drove two Instagram surveys and the findings were intriguing. The first query was: “Do you like mangoes?” About 90% of people selected yes, while 10 per cent said no.

The second concern was: “What type of mango is your favourite?” The throbbing champion was Langra Mango.

Moreover, Pakistani mangoes are not only the best mangoes but also high in fibre. Furthermore, they have low calories. Not only this but also they are rich in calcium, iron, potassium, a little protein and are vitamin-rich fruits that are admired. Since Pakistan is the land blessed with climates favourable for rising mangoes, Pakistani mangoes are well recognised on the globe in terms of flavour and craving.

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