Ehsaas Program 2021 – Registration Online

Ehsaas Program 2021
Ehsaas Program 2021 – Registration Online

What is Ehsaas program 2021?

Ehsaas program 2021 is a public security and poverty relief programme. The Ehsaas Program 2021 Registration was initially inaugurated by the Government of Pakistan in March 2019. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan says it is an important endeavour towards a welfare state that the government guaranteed to the people of Pakistan in their elections manifesto.

On March 27, the “Ehsaas” program, was launched. The motive of this initiative is to curtail imbalance, empower the population, and boost lagging areas. This program is multidimensional. Some of its important orientations are:

Ehsaas intends to create a ‘welfare state’ by stimulating economic inclusion and permit to digital services; assisting the financial empowerment of women; concentrating on poverty eradication, economic development and sustainable advancement; and withstanding economic obstacles to access fitness and education.

Since Covid-19 has hampered the activities around the globe, Ehsaas program website provides details of its plan, online. Through ehsaas loan online registration, one can easily apply and get registered. There are also ehsaas program apps that provide the users with the details of ehsaas program online apply 2021.

The program’s principles and strategies also centre on ensuring joint federal-provincial administration; and mainstreaming the part of the private sector with a strategy that will deliver a good playing area as well as foster locally relevant innovation, to generate employment opportunities and facilitate livelihood in quick-win regions. The ehsaas program 2021 is rooted in the significance of strengthening societies, transparency and promising management.

The program is for those who are needy, orphans, widows, the homeless, the impaired, those who don’t have medical facilities, for the unemployed, for underprivileged agriculturists, for workers, for the unhealthy and malnourished; for students from low-income grounds and for needy women and senior citizens. This agenda is also about pushing lagging sectors where deprivation is greater.

The Ehsaas program 2021 proposes 12,000 rupees to the Pakistani people who are jobless and underprivileged. This is a program launched by the Pakistan govt. The biometric procedure has been initiated so that the diffusion of the cash is unmistakable and reaches those who are suitable for the policy.

Ehsaas program online

Ehsaas program CNIC check online NADRA Web Portal has been launched for the convenience of the general public.

To get registered in this program and get the benefits out of it you are required to go to the ‘Ehsaas Emergency Cash Portal’ for online application tracking at

Ehsaas emergency program

If you have already applied for the ‘Ehsas Emergency Cash Program’ you have to enter your CNIC number to check your application status.

Online ehsaas program

‘Ehsas Emergency Cash application/registration web-portal has also been created to review eligibility.

The people who are asked to approach District Administration through SMS can enrol themselves at the application or registration web portal. Due to the ehsas online apply facility they don’t need to visit the office.

Ehsaas SMS Service: To check your eligibility to profit from the plan emergency ehsaas program, you need to send your CNIC number to 8171.

In Ehsaas Kafalat Program Prime Minister Imran Khan openly declared a grant package of 21,000 rupees or an everyday wage of 3,000 rupees/month for the ‘Ehsaas Kafalat 2021 program’.


Ehsaas program helpline:

In order to entertain further inquiries and complaints about this endeavour, there is helpline number 0800-26477.

Ehsaas program online apply 2021

To register in PM ‘ehsaas kafalat Program 2021’

Check EHSAAS Registration Centers here

Visit the official website of BISP

Search your nearest EHSAAS Registration Centers here

Ehsaas education program:

The government has initiated the country’s biggest undergraduate Scholarship program ‘Ehsaas Undergraduate scholarship’ in 2019. This undergraduate scholarship program will grant 200,000 scholarships. These scholarships will be granted to meriting students in four years.

50% allotment is devoted to female students. Ehsaas education is a fully funded program. It not only encircles tuition fees but a monthly allowance will also be given to the learners.

The main Features of ehsaas undergraduate program are as follows:

  • 50,000 Scholarships/ year
  • 200,0000 undergraduate scholarships in 4 years
  • 50% of seats only for females
  • Entire tuition fee
  • 4000 Monthly Stipend
  • Special Preference to disabled/students belonging to underprivileged areas

Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas program Education Undergraduate Scholarship program 2021

  • Students from low-income families
  • Undergraduate students from affiliated public sector universities can apply
  • Students who got admission on a merit basis in public sector universities
  • Students who got admission on self-finance are not eligible
  • Students receiving any other scholarship or grant from any source are not eligible
  • This program is only for regular students. Distant learning students are ineligible

How to Apply for Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship 2021?

Eligible aspirants can apply online through the following link

The detailed application form can be submitted to the respective university’s financial aid office

The application form for ehsaas program apply can not be submitted directly to HEC or BISP.

Ehsaas program apps

These apps will provide a free guide to people who want to know about Ehsas Program and its helping procedure. Generally, people don’t know how to receive their money.

Ehsaas Amdan program

With the introduction of Ehsaas Amdan programs, assistance is provided to deserving people to facilitate them come out of poverty. For this objective, assets provided include

  1. Livestock (goats, cows, buffaloes and poultry),
  2. Agricultural inputs,
  3. Chingchi/rickshaws,
  4. Inputs for small retail outlets
  5. Small enterprises

The whole allotment of the programme is roughly PKR 15 billion. Ehsaas Amdan is being executed in 375 union councils of 23 underprivileged areas of the four provinces of Pakistan.

Ehsaas program 25000

The head of a needy family can apply for this program by simply providing his NIC and some other data required to check the eligibility of the applicant.

Ehsaas also provides interest-free loans for those who want to start their own business. For this purpose ehsaas loan, online registration is available.

If you are eligible for any of the above programs do apply and avail the opportunity to brighten your future.


How do I check my ehsaas program 12000 2021?

Now the general public can easily search and check their eligibility for Ehsaas Program 2021 simply by sending their CNIC number.

This can be done either by

  1. Sending SMS to 8171
  1. Visiting one of the Ehsaas Registration Centers or Ehsaas One Window Centers.

How do I check my ehsaas money?

The government has made it easy to check the ehsaas money. To do so, one needs to check the ‘Ehsaas Emergency Cash Portal’ for online application tracking at

Those who have applied for the Ehsas Emergency Cash Program need to enter their CNIC number to check their application status.

How do I apply for ehsaas Program 2021?

Those who are eligible can register for Ehsaas Kafalat Program 2021 by visiting any of the Ehsaas Kafalat Program Registration Centers across Pakistan.

If they do not know the eligibility requirements they can check their eligibility by sending their CNIC to 8171.

Ehsaas Program 2021 intends to facilitate about 7 million folk across the country, including women.

How do I check my ehsaas program online?

TO confirm your eligibility status, Ehsaas program CNIC checks online Nadra Web Portal is available.

First, you’ll go to the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Portal for online application tracking at

If you have already applied for the Ehsas Emergency Cash Program, you are required to enter your CNIC number to check the status of your application.

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